Officer Report


BAME Engagement
  • Set up a BAME Forum in Southend; which happens fortnightly, on a Wednesday from 7-9pm. This forum if open to BAME students on campus, to deal with issues that they are facing on their course and also to help set events that they want to see on campus.
  • Working with VP Southend and the members of the BAME forum to organise BAME Networking event for student’s called Connect
  • Working with ISER on a project called BOOST, which looks into engagement levels of BAME student’s over time.  Working with BOOST team and the marketing team to expand the project, through compiling the DATA with the SU Data.
  • Organising a BAME dinner with all BAME societies leaders to discuss how to empower the liberation.
  • Inviting more BAME members of staff to get involved in BAME events so that the student voice and be heard
  • BAME role models project, looking into getting alumni involved as well as members of staff.
Urban nights
  • Organised fortnightly meeting with venues managers, to speak organise and plan the evolution of urban nights on campus.
  • Working on a Christmas Coko special
  • Set up plans to get more student DJ’s involved as well and conducting surveys to get the DJ’s and artist that students want.
Meetings with senior leadership
  • Had meetings with Director of Finance and Registrar and secretary to secure free sport for next year and years to come. Drafted up a report to present to members of staff in December
  • Working with Academic registrar, policies successfully put in place a new room bookings police students will no longer need pay for the Ivor Crewe and Teaching centre for events!
  • Pro Vice Chancellors of education, working on dinner BAME dinner in February.
  • Working with our Vp international on Inclusivity project, to help eliminate the BREXIT tension in Colchester. We have a competition open, to encourage student’s to get involved with the project. Managed to get V-team and Marketing involved to get the work out and expand the project. .
Welcoming refugees to Colchester
  • Settings up a committee continue to Welcoming refugees to Colchester.
  • Met with Jean-Michele community organiser to see what the Townes next steps are.
  • Met with students and presidents of societies to create a year plan ,
Stephen Fen
  • Worked with VP Welfare to push Stephen Fenns, petition within the NUS.
  • Worked with VP Education to send out emails to local MP’s to help.
  • Worked with SU Advice and law clinic to be the main point of contact for Stephen Fenn. SU advice has now found funding for his cabs just in case his vehicle is taken.
  • Legal advice has been given.
  • Organised Fireworks display and Halloween party for Loughton on the 5th November. This was very success with over 100 students attending.
  • Working with Promise three to train the East 15 president. Organised a networking day to introduce East 15  president to the exec team, and to members of staff
  • Working with East 15 president to organise Christmas party and event for students over the Christmas holiday
  • Working anti-discrimination training for staff and students
  • Worked with VP Southend to set out a BAME forum and BAME committee
  • Working on a Large scale former to come to Southend and East 15
  • Working on more ways for Southend student to and Colchester student’s collaborate more with each other.
Global entrepreneurial week
  • Successful Global entrepreneurship week, led by myself VP Southend and Vp International, collaboration with Employability and Careers Centre went very well. Our Chancellors Shami, came to give a keynote talk.  More Southend student’s attended than ever before. All the winners were from Southend
  • Currently still running the 3 more competitions that we launched in Global entrepreneurial week, these competitions are in collaboration with charity in Colchester  town, students can win internships and work experience, which increase our employability goal
  •  Students have come to us, as a result to set up an Essex entrepreneur committee, a platform for student’s entrepreneur led by students. Which will bring all the entrepreneurial systems that the University and SU offer to one place.
  • Meeting has been set, between the SU, careers, EBS and knowledge getaway, and entrepreneurial societies such as Enactus, to work together on this project.


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