officer report


BAME Engagement
  • Making Connect a series, across all campuses for BAME professional to network in a unique way with students. The next one will be on the 26th of January, talking about Black Boys.
  • Working with VP Southend and the members of the BAME forum to organise BAME Networking event for student’s called Connect. This event is focusing on being BAME professionals. We have professionals from a nursing background, business background and from performance backgrounds, coming on the panel.
  • Had BAME dinner with all BAME societies’ leaders to discuss how to empower the liberation. Discussed solutions from student perspective on the attainment gap, the term BAME, events on campus, why Is my curriculum so white? and venues on campus. We have set up a meeting facebook pages to help with continue the discussion. A follow up meeting has been discussed to how embed these solutions in the university and that SU. Key members of staff will be at the event too.
  • BAME role models project, we have had meetings on how to identify BAME role models on campus,  (members of staff and alumni)
Urban nights
  • Organised fortnightly meeting with venues managers, organising all the Urban nights on campus.
  • Working with Promise three to train the East 15 president. Had a networking day to introduce East 15 president to the exec team.
  • Had regular catch ups with East 15 president, now discuss the year plan and how to evolve the role next year.
  • Working anti-discrimination training for staff and students
  • Worked with VP Southend to set out a BAME forum and BAME committee
  • Working on more ways for Southend student to and Colchester student’s collaborate more with each other.
  • Working on maintaining the sabbatical officers presence on Southend campus. Finalising year plan.
  • Working on one world Essex Valentine’s day event.
Entrepreneurs Network
  • Set up Entrepreneurs network led by student for students. Helping to support Entrepreneurs (students) on campus to make their business successful.
  • The SU Entrepreneurs Network will launch in mid-January.
  • Planning launch event for end of January.
  •  Had a with the SU, careers, EBS and knowledge getaway, Enactus and bright futures, they are now all partners of the network.


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