Officer Report


Connect Prep

Connect is a series for talks, aimed to empower and inspire BAME students. We invite professional from different industries talk about their career journey and give advice to BAME students on how to become successful In those industries.

After the successful Connect Black Boys Where are you event; the students ask for more intimate workshop to help with backs transferable skills. The connect team (students volunteers) have work over the Easter to create a workshop called success in business. The workshop will develop the students networking skills, time management skills and leadership skills. We have some form PwC and two self-employed alumni coming to conduct the workshop. We have also planned a creative workshop for those that want to develop in the creative arties industry; we have the Compozers, an actress from EastEnders coming to and a film maker coming in.  The last Connect will be called ‘Got your Degree now what?’ this is all about how to prepare for life after university; we have a few motivational speakers coming in.

Now I am working a role descriptions and a training programme for the new Connect team for new year.

BAME Forum: summer action plan

We had the last BAME forum where we discussed solutions for the new year as a result we have a huge win, Indomie is now being sold in the store. I am now working with the Secretary and Registrar to get an alcoholic free venue for students.

I am now working with promise three to create an action plan for BAME that the university and the student’s union can work on together to better BAME engagement.

Urban nights

DJ’s booked for the last few coko’s. Very exciting

New training for New Exec

I worked very closely the SU HR team to restructure the exec training for the next’s year officers. This year I made sure that we had

  • Training on working with different personalities; self-reflection
  • How to run successful campaign
  • How to plan for event effectively 
  • How to build a successful student Network

This training was very successful; the officer team are head for completing their manifesto for next year.

I also created a handover pack for the current execs to give to the new exec, this is something that all current exec have to do, so that handover is fair and new exec feel prepared for their roles new year.

NCVO conference

NCVO, is another national body that represents charities across the country. As we are holding another NUS referendum, I am making sure the OUR SU is still supported nationally. This conference have us good incite about how the SU can be support by the NCVO. It was a very very good conference much better the any NUS conference I have been too and much cheaper. It has great contact that the SU can use for volunteering, employability, events, campaigns and executive support. It does not specifically supports liberations but they said they can do if we request and they will do something that is bespoke to SU’s. they provide a lot of support for trustees, overall I am very positive to affiliate with NVCO, if students chose to leave the NUS.


Meeting with Senior staff

Richard Stock: Academic Registrar
  • Had a meeting About  shaping the student experience committee, to ensure that this committee purely focuses on student satisfaction. We will now be talking about support for mental health, anti-discrimination, well-being spaces and sports and activities on campus
Jules Deputy Vice Chancellor
  • Mental health campaign – Wake up to Well-being: we have sued so funding with this campaign this is dues to start in May
  • Wavering refugee’s fees – Jules thisnk it is a great idea as is looking for funds to support the students in the campaign. 
  • Had a meeting about how we can support the general elections campaign
  • Hall of Fame for all sabbatical officers
  • Still working in getting Akala to come to a perform in Southend
  • Restructuring SU ambassadors- so that they help VP southern lead the student voice better 
  • Bespoke exams campaign
  • Meeting on the new building



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