Officer Report


  • Connect is a series for talks, aimed to empower and inspire BAME students. We invite professional from different industries talk about their career journey and give advice to BAME students on how to become successful In those industries.
  • After the successful Connect Black Boys Where are you event; the students ask for more intimate workshop to help with backs transferable skills. The connect team (students volunteers) have work over the Easter to create a workshop called success in business. The workshop will develop the students networking skills, time management skills and leadership skills. We have some form PwC and two self-employed alumni coming to conduct the workshop. We have also planned a creative workshop for those that want to develop in the creative arties industry; we have the Compozers, an actress from EastEnders coming to and a film maker coming in.  The last Connect will be called ‘Got your Degree now what?’ this is all about how to prepare for life after university; we have a few motivational speakers coming in.
Success in Business
  • Very good success we had 17 students attend out of 25 tickets that were issued
  • Student found this very engaging and requested more of them
Behind the Scene
  • Due to awards season and exam prep-season, therefore it had low attendance.
  • However, those who attended found it very valuable , and want another  one during term one or two term.
Got your Degree now what?

The first draft of the BAME action plan has been done with promise 3. It now been sent around to officers and the university to have get feedback.  We have divide up the plan to short term and mid goals.

  • VP services and communications and  I met up with the Directors to discuss where the non-alcoholic venue would be and now asking students what do they actually want out o a non-alcoholic venue
  • Started planning preparation for the next year’s Black History Month
Awards Season

I attend and host the Southend awards and the Staff awards. I gave 3 Presidential wards at both awards ceremonies it was great to really highlight all the amazing students and staff have done over the year.

I also attended the Core –rep awards, the student’s choice and sports awards.


  • Akala in Southend: we finally had Akala agree on coming to Southend, it was quick turnover.  He is a lecture on hip-hop history, it was a very well attendee event 200 student come.
  • Restructuring SU ambassadors- so that they help VP southern lead the student voice better  - the restructure  has been approved we are just waiting on marketing to help us push everything out
Exam campaign
  • Worked very closing with promise on and VP Education and VP service and comms to get the SU pods up and running.
One Essex campaign
  • Working with VP international to build a love wall on campus and a hate wall in town.
  • Planning how to measure the impact of the campaign
Wake to well-being campaign
  • We officially launched the wake up to wellbeing campaign with an event on the squares, demonstrating the 5 pillars of well-being. it was very success, it was also done in southend as well.
  • Now working on a video.
Large scale meeting Attended
  • Senate
  • Education committee
  • Student experience   committee
  • Resources committee


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