Officer Report


This was the last month of our year as officers as many students leave quite early in June, are actives are a lot less and we focus on planning for the next year.

BAME Forum: summer action plan
  • I have been working on finalising the BAME Dinner with the VC chancellor and PCV education.
  • This dinner is all about networking with BAME professional from outside of the University to talk about how we can improve our engagement level with BAME students. I have being finalising the guest list and the program for the evening.
  • Worked closing with the venues team to book P Montana again as so many students enjoyed him the first time and asked him for him to come back. It was other successful night complexly sold out. Now we are reviewing the year and talking about how to make Coko even better.
Summer Ball
  • Summer ball was a success! Worked with VP Service and Comms to open the ball with a dynamic speech.

One Essex campaign

  • We build a love wall for the next phase of the campaign. Instead of people writing down all the negative things that they have experienced, we asked people to write what they love about diversities. We engagement will over 200 student. VP international did an amazing job putting it together with our student volunteer group.
  • We noticed that student found it hard to focus on the positives and asked us to do ore uplifting things like this.
Wake to well-being campaign
  • VP international and I went to Loughton to host the one Essex campaign. We gave out fresh fruit and smoothies to all students and staff. We also tied this in with vital stats.
  • We engaged with so many student and we really got to understand how to give them more unique support because they are a very different campus to Colchester.
Richard Stock Academic Registrar
  • I help appoint the new directors of Student life for the university.
  • Reviewed the year and came up with an action plan for next year
  • We spoke about how we get the student life team to work better with the SU instead of overlapping




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