Officer Report


Finalising Black History month
  • Finalised the all the events for black history.
  • Helping Southend and Loughton finalise their black history month plans
  • Invited the senior leadership team to all events for black history  month
  • Now getting the Black history month festival planned
Executive visibility
  • Had a meeting with Victory Frost head of Res life so that the sabbs can do an introduction with the resident’s assistance.
  • Had a meeting with the universities marketing team ; the execs will have a bill board,  we will have widgets, be part of the Essex spirit weekly newsletter
  • Organised for a sabb to speak at every department in every year group
  • Had a meeting with the Matt Ladder from Think Series and we are getting sabbs more involved in hosting the  Think Series Debates
Exec support
  • Have had one to ones with all of the execs to help them with their plans  for the year
  • Have set t hem all fortnightly targets
  • Help them find training that will help them for their roles
Presentation To the University
  • The sabbs present their manifesto plans to the university’s  senior staff in Colchester
  • Finalised all the plans for the presentation Southend. We made sure that all the senior  key members of staff are invited 
  • Still waiting to finalise the Loughton Presentation
Edinburgh Fringe
  • Went to the Edinburgh fringe festival with our VP Southend to help our East 15 students promote their shows
  • We helped with marketing on social media for their shows.
  • We handed out flyers to for their shows
  • We organised socials to help the with their wellbeing
  • We helped them with the basics such like exam mode, giving up water, fruit teas and coffees.  
One to One
  • Richard Stock Academic Registrar
  • Vice Chancellor




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