officer report


Post Grad dissertation celebration
  • Last year we started a post grad dissertation celebration because it seemed as though that the SU focuses on undergrads more than post grads. Therefor after speaking to post grads we saw this was what a lot of post grads wanted so we made it happen.
  • This year I made sure that there was a celebration in both Southend and Colchester, (Loughton didn’t want one). We also made sure that we had free alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks at the bar everyday that there was a hand in date. We did this because we know that each department has a different hand in date, so we made sure that each department had a special shout out on social media and on the screens and got a free drink.
  • Finally we organised a big celebration on the 16th of September. We had free bubbly free juice for all post grads, music in the squares for everyone to come too.
VP education leaving

Josh G our current VP education handed in his resignation. So we had three weeks to put together a plan and a handover.

  • Firstly we put decided to get a intern place filled and also hold a by election.
  • We worked on the intern job description and started advertising for the by election.
  • We started to divide the VP education work load between  the sabbs.
SU Ambassador training 
  • I worked with the VP Southend to restructure the SU ambassadors towards the end of last year.
  • We planned their first ever training session for SU Ambassadors  to help the SU ambassadors in Southend have more support in planning events on campus, working better as a team and balancing things.
  • I helped organise and conduct the training session with learning and skills department.
  • I focused on training the ambassadors on how to plan events and campaigns properly.
Welcome Presentations
  • I worked with our director of marketing and strategy  to create template for all the sabbs welcome talks so that we can delivered the same standard and have the same information.
  • I have also been working on my  presentation with 5000 first years. Making sure that they know who I am and who the SU is and how they can get involved.
  • I worked with two director's and VP education on a introduction into the SU presentation and what changes has happened in the SU so far.
  • We had our first ever Loughton presentation. We organised a presentation  to present to all course directors in east 15, which was very positive.




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