Officer Report


Finalising Black History month
  • We have had a very successful Black History month across all three campuses this year. Every campus has had a full month worth of activities. We have had over 50 students attend each event across all three campuses. Eddie was our special guest this year for black history month; his event had the highest satisfaction score that we have ever seen at the Students Union
Executive visibility
  • All execs worked arrival day and promoting the event coming up
  • Fresher fair: We organise a special space for all the PTO officers so that they could stand out as networks.
  • We represented exec at all fresher fair across all three campuses
  • Sabbs did dynamic presentation for every department
  • Exec were heavily involved in Change week and the hackathon
  • Planned all sabb surgeries
  • Been working with the doors staff on all three coko’s for fresher fortnight
  • Help look for new artist and DJ to hire for the
New VP Education
  • Short listed, interviewed and hire a new education experience intern while election are running to fill in for the VP Education
  • Design training program for both new VP education and intern so that they ready to go
University meetings: Attended
  • Education committee
  • Research committee




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