Officer Report


Change Week

Change week in a new campaign that the Students union has introduced to get students to shape the Union. I worked in the squares for the first day to get students to write on our wall giving us ideas of how to shape the education and employability opportunities.

We held a hackathon and from the hackathon we have loads of ides that we as and SU want to make get done for students. For example, the sabbatical team have taken on board the mental health project for the year making it the Sabb project.

We have come up with a timeline on how we can make this a mental health campaign is effective and long-lasting.

Christian Fellowship

Students from Edge hotel, the Christina union and JAF asked for the Su to help them put on a gospel concert during welcome period. Therefore I helped them book subzero and gospel band, the sabb team cover the event expense with their budget to make the event free for all students to attend. We have over 100 student show us

AUCI Conference

Myself and the Chief exec were given the opportunity to go to the ACUI conference in new york and Boston. In New York we visited 5 student unions and went to the main conference in Boston U Mass union.

We Attended session on:

  • Metal Health and Wellbeing
  • Diversity
  • Global partnerships
  • Student voice and governance

Visiting all these union and networking with them really opened our eyes small but effective changes we can do that would have a large scale impact on all students;

Now I will be leading on projects about:

  • Giving commons back to students
  • Making the student centre more student focused.
  • Students leading more governance meeting in the university

We have had 5 new officers elected, I have been to Southend to meet to meet all of them helping them with their manifesto.

The sabbs are leading on a project to change jobs descriptions of the exec to, mainly the sabbs. As we as a union have all agreed that we need to do more to make sabbs role more effective.




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