Officer Report


Sabbatical Sugary

My sabb surgery had an attendance of 15 people in December. They were Very strong voices. Students spoke about the experience they were having as BAME students. They gave suggestions on what more we can do as a union to support BAME experience. We have set up further meeting with staff members to make sure that these suggestions are heard.

Mental health: wake up to wellbeing

The Vp international and I have finished the year plan for the well-being campaign and mental health campaign. We have set up meeting with students to help lead this campaign to make a real difference.

RAG Footprint

The Vp student activities and I have designed an annual project for RAG. That will not only bring the community together but give students work experience and help local charity. Student chose one charity that we will support for the rest of the year. We have spoken to the university to ensure that the university fully support the project as well as all SU staff. We have 3 weeks of events planned to raise money as well as a week of volunteering.




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