Officer Report


Due to the Christmas break and due to sickness, I have not been present for most of January therefore my officer report is short and sweet.

Mental health: wake up to wellbeing
  • Timeline of the campaign has been finalised
  • We have now put in regular meeting with student support as well as the SU staff team.
  • We have a intern working on the plans with us
RAG Footprint
  • Voting has ended the charity has been chosen
  • We have finale the dates for the first event
  • Speaking to the university on how to get the entire university on board and make it a viral project
  • Directors have set up a meeting to come up with a meeting strategy
Future of BAME
  • Had a meeting with the promise three and four manager, we have had many BAME forum, we have no come up with a strategy to make sure that there are results for all the things BAME students have come up with.
  • We now have regular meetings with different departments, so that they are held accountable for their actions.
The Exec Team
  • I have had one to one with all of my Vice Presidents about their manifestos and future projects, as we are now one Sabbatical officer down, We do have a heavier work load. The work load of the Welfare officer has been split equally, but it I will be the main point of contact for the Welfare officer
  • We have had a exec meeting, we have discussed how to make exec meeting more effective.
  • I went down to southend to support the sexual harassment campaign and safe nights out campaign
  • I did a speech about all the facilities that the union and the university offer to support student on this
  • Working on anther BAME forum and women empowerment event
  • Attended meeting with the campuses service to finalise plans fro the new building in Loughton.
Committees and senior staff meeting
  • Senior staff conference – lead on plans for the next 5 year for the university and the SU
  • Attended Resources committee
  • Had a meeting with secretary and registrar about summer ball sponsorship




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