Officer Report


mental health and wellbeing campaign
  • I am have working closely with our VP Southend, a VP international and east 15 president and to cater the mental health and wellbeing campaign for all three campuses. We have started by launching the mental health survey for all three campuses. The aim was to see how student view there mental health, how to they feel about the services we have on campus. We got over 700 response in just over 4 days. I visited both Southend and Loughton to speak to them face to face raise more awareness about the survey and the campaign.
  • I helped the VP intentional finalise the structure for the mental health campaign video. Our VP Southend and VP services and comms went to actually shot it in Southend.
  • We have finalised a event for all thee campuses at the end of March.
  • I have been working with the director student life to more professional provisions serious mental health illnesses. I do think that major changes will happen very soon
Hardship loan
  • I have been working with SU advice and the academic registrars to get more funding for our hardship loan because if has run out.
  • We have written a report to the university showing how many student use the service and showing how many students really need it now.
  • We have the finalised all of events for.
  • We are raising awareness for the charity Colchester refugee tender for women and children. We are have a pink week to raise awareness about domestic abuse.
  • We raised money through Essex got talent, we have a fashion what planned and clothes collection, as well as ladies night planned in subzero to help raise over £5000 for the charity.
  • We all have summer volunteering opportunities lined up with for students and staff to involved to make real change happen.
Strike action
  • Due to major changes to the USS pension scheme, a lot of teaching staff have gone on strike.
  • A student idea passed for us to support the strike as a students’ union. I have been out supporting the strike along with the sabbs. We have also been interviewing students to get their opinion about the strike. I did interviews with BBC Essex and ITV Essex to create awareness.
  • However, we are very aware that many students have been negatively impacted by the strike. Lectures cancelled no help for coursework. So I have set up regular meetings with the Vice Chancellors team to really push them to do all they compensate students. The university is currently saying no to refunds. But that doesn’t mean I will stop trying. We are looking to refunds for the nursery costs. Making sure international students have access to the hardship fund. Course Trips that have affected to be refunded. We update the students weekly and we are going to continue work with the university on this.
  • Now that the new Pro Vice Chancellor of education has officially settled in. We have now started to increase the momentum on the work I started last year with the attainment gap and diversifying the curriculum.
  • Working with our promise three and four team to look at all the feedback we have from BAME students to make to create a action plan. The pro Vice Chancellor and I a going to create an action plan that makes sense to both staff and students about. Because changing the curriculum is a very long journey. But can be done. We are starting by looking at departments that this can easily be done.
Sexual harassment
  • Working with the university to create a reporting centre for all sexual harassment complaints. This process now will make it easier for the university to act effectively.
  • It is looking to launch in April.
Student Parliment
  • We are changing the why students can really influence decision made by the university and SU. And for students to hold officers to hold us to account.
  • We spend the month getting everyone to vote on all three campuses. I visited all of them and spoke to students should vote yes. I did many shout outs at large scales events about voting.
  • It has passed so now we are working at how we implement it in the next term
Strategic plan
  • I have been working with the Cheif exec and director or marketing and strategy and the university, to make the next 5 year plan for the Su and the university. We need to collect data and feedback from as many students and staff .
  • We have started setting up interviews on all three campuse.
  • I met with company that specialises in large data collection and we looking to do a big event with them in springtime.


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