President - March 2016


Register to vote Campaign

-Collaborated with the University and the Students’ Union Senior Management to create a strategic plan for the Register to Vote Campaign

-encouraged students to take part in debates regarding the EU referendum

Reduce the costs of living

-Currently working with the Senior Management and an external company to introduce a swap system for tickets when events sell out

Ones to watch

-Contacted artists on campus and worked with the marketing team to showcase them during the 3rd term


-Collaborated with the University and SU staff to set the budgets for the next financial year

Student jobs

-Together with the university, we are looking to create more internships for the 2016 Essex graduates

Refugee Campaigns

-Continued the work on the refugee campaign

-Co-chaired the pledge assembly to welcome more refugees in Colchester. Colchester groups and charities have pledged their support and the political leaders have reiterated their support to welcome 50 refugee families over the next 5 years

-Worked with the university to: extend their existing refugee bursary to include postgraduate students, fund research into refugee care through our Centre for Trauma, Asylum and Refugees, secured donations to fund Masters into refugee care and also the VC has written a report in support of all the work that the SU has been doing to support refugees

-Currently working with the university to find money or fundraise for refugee scholarships


-Met the president elect to discuss her plans for the next academic year

-Started the handover to initiate her into the role

RAG training

-Participated in the Childreach International RAG conference

-Brought back good ideas and plans for a new RAG structure


-Supported one of the biggest fundraising events organized by the SU this academic year

Adrian CHIRA

Image of the president Adrian

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