Officer Report

Trans officer

Trans Awareness week

Trans Awareness week was last week and was a great success.

After miscommunication with the flag, and the trans one being different to the pride one, a special Trans flag is getting brought for the library ready for next event.

We had a great Trans Awareness week, with a great turn out for both the Vigil on Monday night and the Speech and Language society with Guest speakers on feminisation of the voice on Tuesday. Between both T 4 T we managed to raise an impressive £56.19 for Gendered Intelligence.

LGBTQ+ Forum

I held our first LGBTQ+ Forum, and got some great feedback and questions from students which myself and Taran are starting to act on.

For example at Ignite we had some pride flags up inside Base, however we are still trying to arrange for more for next time.

I am also currently working on zero tolerance posters, for club nights.

Jestin Bartlett

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