Officer Report

Trans officer

Over the last month I have spent a lot of time speaking with students within the LGBT community about issues that was raised at Ignite. I spent a time speaking with Venues on how to make Ignite a safe space for LGBT+ students and this has resolved in LGBT+ flags bunting being put up outside Ignite to make it clear it’s an LGBT+ safe space. We have also arranged for the same members of security to be door staff at all Ignites, making it easier for students to approach if it’s a familiar face if they have a problem.

Along with Taran and the Network Execs I’ve stared to plan LGBT+ history month for February. I’ve organised an external Trans speaker to come and do their talk at the uni, as well as many other events.

I started to work on one of my main manifesto points, I started looking into getting the name change policy changed to make it easier for Trans students to change their legal name on university records. I struggled to find out who owned the policy, but I did find out that its getting reviewed next term, so I am hoping when people are back from xmas break, I will be able to speak to them and influence them to make it easier to change your name.

Jestin Bartlett

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