Officer Report

Trans officer

I am still working on issues that arised at the LGBT+ Careers fair held by Careers Hub, E&D and Essex LGBT Alliance, I have been speaking to students and responding to emails, I have continued to raise this, and have been try to make sure that the same problems won’t accrue again at a different LGBT+ event. In doing so I have now joined up with Equality and Diversity and the Essex LGBT Alliance and together we are starting to work on a pronoun campaign.

I’ve attended meetings to go through the current name change policy, and what is needed to be rectified when itd updated. The outcome of this meeting is positive, and the uni is going to accept both enrolled and unerolled deed polls, making life so much easier for trans and non-binary students who are changing their name.

I have also been working with Chrissie from SU, and Vinnosh on advising the sports and uni on making and LGBT+ inclusive video, and after much discussion, its felt that the video shouldn’t include trans at the moment in time, as sports on campus is yet inclusive, so I will continue to work on this over the next few weeks.


Jestin Bartlett

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