Officer Report

VP Education

Module Optionality

I have successfully lobbied for Course Reps and Faculty Convenors to be included in the Curriculum Review. I am now meeting with the Promise One department to discuss how best to represent the views of the department in these discussions.

Employability Masterclasses

We have started work on constructing masterclasses that will be available across the departments of the SU, and they will be rolling out from Term Two as Term One will be looking at a lot more training rather than honing employability skills. But this project is now underway!

Diversity Day

I have met with the Employability and Careers Centre and they like my plans so far. I am now waiting on a meeting with Equality and Diversity before setting a date. I have also asked that the Senior Leadership Team of the University attend this event so hopefully it will be a prestigious day!

Assessment Methods 

Hardcopy Submissions - There are some departments that are scrapping hardcopies completely for the coming year. There are also some departments that are trialling paperless submission with first year and PGT students. The other departments I am writing a proposal asking that they consider other options including allocating printing credits to their students, or providing printing and scanning facilities.

Anonymous Marking – I am looking at national research around this, and have been assured that a group is being set up by the University to tackle this issue head on. I look forward to fighting for complete anonymization in this meeting.

Plagiarism Checker – At the moment it is at the department’s discretion if they allow students to self-check their work for plagiarism. I am working to get this expanded to be more open to all summative work.

Printing Costs / Printing Allowances 

This is going very well, and hopefully the printing cost will be lower in this academic year. I am also looking into AIWIP as an alternative for students, and am including the allowances element to my hardcopy submissions argument.

Graduation Grants Accessibility

I am meeting with SU Advice and the Graduation Team to get an initial view on this and then will be tackling this for Graduation 2017.


I have taken on a lot of SU Ideas at the moment too, and will be updating on these on periodically, so keep an eye on that too.

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