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Assessment Methods

Plagiarism Checker – I presented a paper on this at a Task and Finish Group, and was given tips and amendments to make to it. I am now meeting with the Head of Learning and Development, and a member of staff from IT to look into how to do this before presenting again in mid-october.

Hardcopy Submissions – I am meeting with all Departmental Directors of Education this week and will be having individual conversations with those departments that are not implementing paperless submissions this year.

Anonymous Marking – The University have included some work on this in the Education Action Plan 2016-17, so they are mandated to set up the Task and Finish Group, which I am waiting on membership for.

Diversity Day

Date confirmed as Saturday 25th February 2017! There will be a meeting with all the Part-Time Officers, and Careers, to look at how we can make this an amazing event!

Printing Costs / Printing Allowances

BREAKING NEWS: Colour Printing Costs have been reduced: See here for new prices:

Graduation Grants Accessibility

HOPEFULLY, Graduation Grants are going to be an online form for 2017, which means we can publicise them much better to students. The Graduation Team are looking into how it can be built right now.

Education Strategic Fund

I am currently bidding for some money from the University to help fund some amazing projects for the entire SU over the year. I will keep you posted how I get on!


I met with 5 departments to discuss their NSS results, and how they plan to change the way they run before you all arrive next week! I hope to see some of the amazing work in action over the coming term!

I spoke at the Employability Conference on the 19th September, as a direct representative of students, talking about how to increase our enterprising and entrepreneurial skills.

Also, make sure you check in the next week as all the ideas will be updated, and some of the ideas assigned to me will be updated.

Finally, I went on a lovely week of annual leave to Italy! But now I am back, and refreshed ready for Arrivals!

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