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VP Education

NUS LGBT+ Conference

At the beginning of this month, I attended NUS LGBT+ Conference in Sheffield, to pass new policy, and elect the new officers for NUS LGBT+ Officers.

While it was good to represent the university at a national event, I struggled to find any policy that related to the students at this Union, or anything that I could bring back to this university. A lot of the policy passed would be of no interest to students here, as it doesn’t relate to the work that we do.

I also found the overall atmosphere of the conference rather toxic, and there was a lot of unsavoury comments and activities going on. If anyone would like to speak with me about the conference, feel free to email me.

Research Committee

I was successful in passing a paper at the university’s Research Committee, meaning that from the next academic year, there will be student representation on the university’s Research Committee. This means that there will be students getting involved in the research community at the institution, which is a vital part of the Essex community.

BAME Library Work

I have been working with the BAME Officer and the Library to talk about diversifying the reading lists and curriculum of students at this institution. We have decided to pilot a BAME display in the Library foyer after easter, and a BAME wish list for books. This will be piloted after the easter break, and if successful, will run in the month of October as part of the Black History Month programme.

MyTutor and Data Protection

You may have noticed that this academic year, personal tutors have access to a piece of software for student meetings. This has been really beneficial in ensuring continuity of message, and that students are getting the correct support and the correct signposting. There have been questions recently over the sharing of this information and data. It is my belief that this is against what students want, and therefore I successfully fought so that information you share with your personal tutor remains within your department, and is not shared with other departments or services at the institution without your explicit consent.

Marking Policy

The university is looking at how to make the marking process around coursework and other assessments more transparent to students. This will allow students to better understand how their marks have been reached, and should put you in a better position to make any appeals of complaints that they wish to make. This work is being done in collaboration with the university, to ensure a consistent message from all sources, and that the information that sutdents here is correct.


As always, I have been working on student ideas, as well as taking any SU Reacts that apply to my remit. Please use these mechanisms to raise any issues to me, or feel free to email me (as a lot of students do) on

Josh gulrajani

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