Officer Report

VP Education

  • Anonymous Marking
  • Scrapping Hardcopy Submission of PhD Theses
  • Leave NUS
  • Attend Course Rep Awards
  • Host Student Choice Awards
  • Attend a Periodic Review
  • Sign up to a whole day of “Exam Angels” per week of exams
  • Help LGBT* Officer pass Trans Officer Student Idea
  • Pass the idea of “Guaranteed Liberation Budgets”
In Progress
  • Sort out issues in the Library and Silberrad (fixed for now and plans in place to permanently change for October 2017)
  • Zoning Study Spaces (included in above)
  • Scrapping Hardcopy Submissions for UG and PGT (watch this space)
  • Student Accessible Plagiarism Checker (watch this space)
  • Increase Listen Again and Moodle usage (watch this space)
  • Change the Sabbatical Roles (job descriptions in consultation phase)
  • Introduce Union Council (Brief drawn up and under consultation)


Josh gulrajani

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