Officer Report

VP Education

New Year, Same Me!

I’m back for another year as your VP Education!

New Team!

I have spent a great deal of this month working with the new Sabbatical Team ready for the next academic year!

New Graduates!

I got to spend a great deal of time this month on the Graduation Ceremonies. I got to sit in 5 ceremonies, and watched hundreds of graduates collect their degree! It was fantastic to see, and I really love Graduation Week! I wish all of our new graduates the best of luck, and hope to see a lot of you come back for Masters and PhDs!

New Chancellor!

We have a new Chancellor for any students that haven’t seen yet! The Rt Hon John Bercow will be taking up Chancellor on August 1st.

New Manifesto!

I’ve started work on my new Manifesto, which you can find below here. If you see anything that you think I should be doing more on, or doing less on, get in touch!

As always, I have been working on student ideas, as well as taking any SU Reacts that apply to my remit. Please use these mechanisms to raise any issues to me, or feel free to email me (as a lot of students do) on

Josh gulrajani

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