Officer Report

VP Education

Newly elected!

I am over the moon having won the position of VP Education! I’ve certainly got a lot to learn and have spent most of my first month with my head in some papers learning all of the policy that I need to function properly in my new position.

Big boots to fill

It has become clear to me that Josh has clearly left his mark, both on our students’ union but also on the university. I am sure that there are very high expectations as to what I can and should be doing in my role. I know that I have much much more to learn, both in terms of policy as well as other skills, if I am able to properly achieve my potential which I am more than eager to do.

Early progress

I wasn’t expecting to achieve much in my first month of the position as I thought I would be too carried away with learning all of the new material to make any major headway. I was therefore pleasantly surprised when I was able to slip some points into meetings I have had with the university that actually got taken on board.

Extenuating circumstances

I was particularly pleased with progress that has been made on revising how extenuating circumstances work. I believe my manifesto pledge luckily coincided with the university having a major rethink as to how the policy works and I was therefore able to help shape how they will work in the future along with help from other members of the Students’ Union. The changes to extenuating circumstances are due to all come in at the start of the next academic year although some of them are due to come in even earlier!

Assurance from the IT department

Having spoken to the IT department at the university, they have assured me that they are committed to making sure that listen again is available for all lectures. This will involve encouraging lecturers to put their work onto listen again as well as tackling any faulty recording equipment. Any student aware of any faulty recordings should let the IT department know so that they can go and resolve the issue.

Here to help

I have already spoken with a couple of students about issues that they have been having on their courses and as of yet, this has been going really well which has been a really great start! I am always eager to talk to as many students as possible about any issues that they might having about any educational issues.

Looking ahead

Next month I will be looking to heavily increase the amount of student engagement compared to what I have currently been doing. I think this is important as I feel that, even with the best intentions, working solely through university meetings and my own plans, I can quickly lose touch with the student issues that are at hand. Part of this will involve coming up with a final draft for the Union Council that was on my manifesto and to start the processes to take it to a referendum vote.

I will be continuing my drive to improve academic support for students with mental health, physical health and childcare needs. This will require a very broad approach and involvement from many university services and departments but I am keen to make sure that my time is put towards something that will really help our students that need support the most.


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