Officer Report

VP Education


In February, I wrote part of this year’s Teaching Excellence Framework alongside the Educational Experience Coordinator. The Students’ Union writes supplementary sections to help support the Universities’ submission. Last year, the University came out as TEF gold which was an amazing achievement, especially compared to some other institutions such as Durham and UEA that initially only came out as silver standard. Hopefully, our submission will remain strong and we will continue to garner respect amongst the sector.

New PVC (Education)

I was very pleased to be formally introduced to Madeline Eacott, the new Pro Vice-Chancellor for Education. Madeline is the chair of a large amount of the meetings that I sit on so it is very important that we are able to have a good working relationship. She was excited to hear about some of my plans that I’ve started up this year and what I hope to be able to work on next year. She made it clear to me that one of her main focus points coming into the role will be student voice. I think this is a really good sign going forwards that the University is determined to be listening out for and responding to student voice.


For a large chunk of February, my time was taken up by my re-election campaign. I was extremely pleased to be re-elected for VP Education for next academic year and I am extremely thankful for everyone that voted for me and everyone that engaged with the election. I was able to achieve 68% of the vote share after the first round which is an increase of 24% from last time and was able to get over 1000 votes! I had a great time campaigning and speaking to people. It was good to see so many people thinking about the election and all of the candidates to try and make the best decisions. I am also very much looking forward to working with all of the new officers as of July.

Focus Group

On the 26th February the SU ran a focus group on examination results. Some of the results that came out of the group were extremely surprising, we hope that this will make the university realise that there needs to be more effort on making the exam results clearer as well as a wider look at the language that the university uses on all of their forms. It is clear that students do not understand what is being presented to them due to the archaic language involved. Although this is already being looked into across the board, it has become increasingly apparent.


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