Officer Report

VP Education

Strategic Plan

During April, I was involved in both the University’s and the Students’ Union’s strategic plan for 2019-2025. I felt really proud to represent student needs at such a significant level and was really glad to see that both organisations took my ideas very seriously as they were both keen to make sure that students will remain at the heart of University Community going forward.

The material of both plans will obviously remain confidential for some time but I hope that students continue to engage when they have an opportunity to get involved with either plan.

UCU Strike

UCU have voted to suspend their strike as they have come to a temporary agreement with UUK over the pension dispute. This means that there will be no further missed time for students for the rest of the year. I encourage students to read and reflect on the communications that are being sent out from the University as well as my own (as mentioned last month).

The Students’ Union stood by UCU while they were striking so we are incredibly pleased that they have reached a favourable outcome and hope that their upcoming negations with UUK go well.


As I mentioned last month, very little of note happens in terms of education during the holidays so I did little outside of my day-to-day meetings. I was able to take the time off to take a long weekend caravan holiday in Great Yarmouth to help relax a little before the summer term.

I hope that all of you managed to have a relaxing break before focusing your concentration on exams, coursework and dissertations.

Looking Foreword

Next month will be all about exams and dissertations for me. I’m keen to make sure that people don’t fall at the last hurdle before the end of the year and even graduation.

The Students’ Union is also launching the new parliament which I’m excited to see how it can help shape our work and direction for next year.


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