Officer Report

VP Education

Meetings on meetings, policies on policy and plans on plans:

Due to various committee deadlines, the amount of University meetings that I sit on has dramatically increased over the last month. This increase is because everything that the university wants to implement for the new academic year needs to be completed and approved by the end of July, some of these major projects include an update and re-write of all the Rules of Assessment as well as the new extenuating circumstances procedure which was something I promised to work on from my original manifesto.


Despite being worked off my feet from meetings, I’ve made sure that I’ve dedicated plenty of time to helping out with the exam campaign within the SU. I figured that although the work I do in my meetings is incredibly important to ensuring students have an excellent education, I can’t truly claim to be helping students out with their degree if I do not lend a hand during the busiest time for students. I even decided to put the angel wings for some shifts! I will continue to do more of these shifts until the end of the exam period but I really want to wish all of you the best of luck in all of your exams, I bet you’ll be amazing!

Strike Guide:

As promised last month, I published my guide on the strikes this month. This will help assure you what is going on in regards to your assessment and reimbursements but if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me. I encourage people to be proactive if problems arise with their exams as it’s easiest to deal with issues when they happen in an exam, harder to deal with after the exam but almost impossible to deal with once results are out. The Strike Guide can be found here.


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