VP Education

Loose ends: Being the last official month of my first year as an officer, a large amount of June was taken up by finishing up the University committees of the year. I’m pleased to report that all of the major developments that I have been working on all year passed through the Universities Education Committee. As long as these points get Senate approval then students will have the benefit of a greatly improved extenuating circumstances process, the ability to self-certify illness and will eventually have rules of assessment that students can actually make sense of. This has made for a good end of the year and I hope that students next year see the benefits of these changes.

BSL: This month I have been following up on an older student idea that suggested that British Sign Language be included as part of the Languages for All programme. The idea had received a lot of support when being voted on and I was very happy to take this to the attention of Languages for All. Although the Coordinator was glad to see that students were interested in the programme, they explained that due to low continuation and variable uptake, it would be difficult to make a case to expand the programme further. I will therefore be working alongside Languages for All to help improve the way students engage with the opportunity and, if successful, will be trying to expand the project to include expanding it.


Working with the University: This month I took part in 2 interview meetings to help with the recruitment of the new Executive Faculty Deans. It was good to see the SU involved in this process of recruiting senior staff and hope that the positions are filled in quick enough time to ensure the benefit to students.




If you've got any questions or comments about my report please post them below or contact me at vpeducation@essex.ac.uk.