Officer Report


Making Electronic Feedback effective

Working with the university on delivering an improved faser system. With the focus mainly on the feedback students are receiving through this system to allow lecturers to track their development better.

Learner Analytics stake holder group

Looking at how these systems have been delivered at other universities and voicing the potential implications for students. Making sure that everyone is aware of any adverse outcomes and working around these. They want to implement these systems as it will provide a platform for students to manage their progress and see their level of engagement through every element of their studies (attendance, listen again, Moodle, library visits, Learning development sessions etc.) this in turn will help them to see where they can improve.  This will be used with historic data to help predict where students may need extra support and help staff identify where interactions may be most effective. As mentioned earlier there are possibilities for students to be negatively effected, but the right processes are being created to be put in place to eliminate this possibility.

Study space

Working with the university to create a group of students who are in charge of areas such as the Silberrad student centre. They will do things like set the purpose of specific spaces, plan new developments and “police” the space.

Working with the head librarian to make improvements across the whole facility. Currently changing the way that fines are imposed and what services students can use.

Booked under 40 seminar rooms for students to use as extra study spaces during exam season as many complain about the available facilities during this period and many enjoy being able to use these rooms.

Module optionality and exam timetabling

Ran a series of focus groups with SU and university staff to ensure that we were fully capturing the student voice. This was a topic that caused some frustration earlier in the year and some were unhappy with the work that was planned to be done. We are going to take these views collected to the university and make sure that they take the right direction on it.



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