VP Education - March 2016


This month I have been working on the following projects:

Graduation costs

Working with Academic section and SU president to work towards a free graduation for students. Together we are working on potential solutions to reduce the immediate costs involved (gown prices, guest tickets, photography and reception).

Decolonise Essex week

Woking with a group of students to run a week of events focusing on liberating students. There will be topics such as why is my curriculum white, representation on campus, cultural and social identities and more.

2016 graduates employability support

Working with ECC to make sure that our students expecting to graduate in 2016 will have as much support as possible so that they are given all the tools they need to find graduate level employment.

Library committee

The library staff ran an open committee where various students attended to receive a presentation on what has changed in the library and what they want to change for the future. The students were generally happy about the future suggestions made and the library is moving in the right direction.

Attendance data on My Essex

Working with VP Welfare and university staff to deliver a way for students to view their own data on the My Essex portal. This will allow them to keep track of their progress and identify specific events they have missed/attended. We are currently working on the best way for this to be shown to students.

Curriculum review

Ran a pilot with a group of Msc Business students. I ran a 2 hour exercise that helped them to practically engage with what they were being taught and show them potential for new assessments. They all enjoyed the exercise, but suggested improvements if this were to be assessed.


Image of the Sabb Osei

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