Officer Report

VP International

Mid Autumn Moon Festival

The Mid Autumn Moon Festival will be on 15 September 2016, 12pm-2pm.

Preparations are already in place and there are a number of lantern workshops going on – these lanterns will be the decorations on the day.

arrivals day

Worked with the Transport Coordinator in University in sorting out the buses for Arrivals Day – both Colchester and Southend.

international Mixer

In the midst of planning for the international mixer which will be held on 3rd of October and the 5th of October.

national insurance numberS

Currently looking into suitable dates for NINO to take place on campus to ease international students applying for National Insurance.

Online Game Competition

In the initial stage of planning an online game competition on campus.

Chinese New Year

Started the initial discussion for Chinese New Year with the International Office. Currently looking into the budget and forming an event plan.


OWE for this academic year will be for 2 weeks: one for Southend, one for Colchester. This is currently scheduled to take place from 13th-17th February in Southend, and from 20th-25th February in Colchester.

Improving relationship with the community

Looking into working closely with the town council to form better relationship with the community.

Am working in planning events in which the community could be a part of to improve the rapport between students and the community.


Will be looking into having more travelling opportunities for international students around the UK.


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