VP International

NINo Interviews

A typeform have been distributed all over social media for students who wants to apply for it – once we have 50 students registering we will be able to invite representatives from the JobCentre to come to Campus rather than having students going to Chelmsford.

Consent Awareness Campaign

The Women’s Officer, BAME Officer and I are looking into raising awareness about sex, consent, abortion, and contraception amongst international students – as there are a number of international students who still find topics as such a taboo and we are looking into ways to educate international students and provide a platform of support.

Online Gaming Competition

A poll was posted on the Freshers’ Page to get students’ vote on which online game competition would they like to have on campus.

It was a poll between League of Legend (LOL) and Dota 2 – and LOL won the poll by a mile.

There are students who have suggested other games and their opinions are definitely taken into consideration for future events!

International Fashion Show

Have been finding a charity for the International Fashion Show which will be held during One World Essex – found Invicta Foundation.

Saint Meeting

Women Officer and I went for a meeting with the Mayor and other community workers – working into organising more events with the community to build a better relationship with them.

One World Essex

There has been a clash of event for One World Essex Colchester – 20-25 February is International Volunteering Week.

Which means that One World Essex Colchester would have to be delayed for a week.

Chinese Reception

The Chinese Students Scholars Association will be organising a Chinese Reception whereby the International Office and ISA will be helping out.

International Video

The ISA is looking into creating a video for new incoming international students – and it is currently in the making.


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