VP International

NINo Interviews
  • First session will be on 26th October.
  • Managed to organise a second session on 2nd November.
Global Entrepreneur Week

Working with the President and VP Southend as well as the Employability Centre to create an entrepreneur week. Found a couple of charities which are willing to provide internships to students.

ISA Southend

Did a meet and greet with the internationals in Southend. Explained the upcoming events and have also successfully created an ISA in Southend! #suwins

  • Organised a number of trips where the trip to Oxford was a huge success.
  • The upcoming trip to Cambridge which is on 29th of October is also sold out.
  • There are upcoming trips to Bath, Canterbury and Cardiff. Tickets will be sold soon and can have access to it in

Diwali in Colchester will be on 3rd November. ISA is working with a number of society to organise this event, which includes: Tamil Society, Asian Society, Malaysian Society, Nigerian Society and Bruessex


Liaised with the University to ensure that international students who came to UK without a place to stay were able to get a place on campus.

Colours Night

ISA is working with cultural societies to create a cultural night out.This is to give students the opportunity to be a part of a more international night out with music from different countries.


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