Officer Report

VP International

National Insurance
  • Finished organising three national insurance interviews for students who wanted to apply. Managed to help more than 150 students to get their national insurance numbers on campus without having to go to Chelmsford.
Global Entrepreneur Week
  • Successfully organised the Global Entrepreneur Week with the President and VP Southend.
  • For the Charity Chase event, worked with Invicta Foundation to provide three volunteering opportunities for students: two in Spring Break and one in Summer.
International Food Fair
  • Incorporated an International Food Fair during RAG Week.
  • Raised more than £250 from all societies.
International Concert
  • Worked with international students in organising an international concert which will be held on 10th December in Ivor Crewe from 6.30pm-8.30pm.
  • Decided to use this opportunity to raise funds in buying blankets for the homeless people in Colchester, especially given the approach of winter.
ISA Presence in societies
  • ISA Executive members are working into creating more presence amongst cultural societies to better help and support our international community.
  • Have organised a number of trips around the UK which have been very popular amongst students.
  • Many feedbacks from international students who’ve enjoyed the trips as it provided them with the opportunity to travel around and understand the UK.
  • Currently working into organising a number of events for students who will be staying on campus during winterbreak to ensure that they won’t feel too homesick or lonely.


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