Officer report

VP International

Buddy Scheme

Am working on relaunching a whole new buddy scheme for 2017/18 to help new incoming students to better settle in whilst coming to University. Working closely with the ISA committees as well as students to get their feedback on the whole reformed buddy scheme.

Tackling xenophobia issues

There has been a number of students who came forward and reporting on xenophobic occasions, especially in town centre. Am working closely with the Town Council as well as the police to help students better tackle these issues.


Worked with the university in launching the OneEssex campaign, a campaign seeking to tackle issues of xenophobia and racism.

We’ve launched the campaign with the #EssexHateWall on square 4 on 23rd March which invited quite the crowd to engage, debate and start having dialogues on the racism which students and staff members were experiencing on a day to day basis.

International Student scholarship

Working with the international office to look into increasing more scholarships for international students.

Potentially giving more scholarships for students who’ve won an award in the ISA Award for 2017/18.

International student recruitment

Working with the international office to recruit more international students – doing so by working with cultural societies to create videos to be shared with potential students.

St Patrick’s Day

Created one of the first St Patrick’s Day event and have worked endlessly with Irish Society and the SU Venues to ensure that the day is well celebrated.

Quite a successful event with students winning 4 cans of Guinness, an SU mug, and a free ticket to Easter Ball.


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