Officer Report

VP International

One Essex
  • Working with the student inclusivity team to organise another event for One Essex on 2nd June.
  • We organised the HATE WALL to launch One Essex on 23rd March and now our team of students are working together to organise a further event and I have been a part of that progress.
Wake Up To Wellbeing
  • Have successfully launched the Wake Up to Wellbeing campaign on 9th May on Square 5 and have been receiving AMAZING feedbacks from students.
  • Many of whom said they felt that their wellbeing are indeed being taken care of and would like to see more of our events in the future.
  • Currently am laying plans for Welcome Week for next academic year and will be launching our video soon.
Buddy Scheme
  • Still in the progress of recreating the buddy scheme but hopefully it will be up and running by the next academic year!
  • Many feedback from students to re-organise the scheme so will be working in making it happen.
OneEssex in TownCentre
  • Currently working with the mayor as well as the director of First Site to bring the Hate Wall to town centre or maybe First Site itself.
  • Working with the community to raise awareness on racial discrimination.


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