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VP International


On the 17th of November 2017, I and the International Students Association celebrated International Students Day on the Squares. Spot yourself in the pictures of the celebration here! On the 22nd of November, I headed to Southend campus to celebrate the day with Southend students and the Vice-President of Southend. We are extremely proud of our International Community, and are always looking to improve the experience and lives of international students at Essex. Hence, the 17th of November also marked the launch of our Guarantor Scheme Campaign.


International students have to pay a massive tuition fee at the beginning of the year – added to that, international students who stay off-campus in private accommodation often have to pay three-to-twelve months’ rent in advance to their landlord. This great financial burden often takes its toll on students’ mental health and affects their studies at university. Hence, we are campaigning the University to enable the YourGuarantor service (a service already in use by SUHomes) to serve as a guarantor for all international students. This would ease international students’ stay in the UK, especially at the beginning of their studies. If you are interested to support our campaign, do email!


Myself and the Women’s Officer are proud to support a genuinely female-only sessions campaign at Colchester Leisure World currently carried out by Colchester Citizens’ Alliance representing a group of Bangladeshi women. The current female-only swimming sessions held by the Leisure World are not fit for purpose as they employ male lifeguards and have mixed changing rooms. There will be a public action this 10th of December at the Leisure World which will be attended by representatives of the University of Essex and also our Students Union. We are currently reaching out to students to see if they would like to be a part of this cause. If you are interested to join our campaign, do email!


We as a Students Union is always trying to improve the experiences of students on campus, especially over the Winter Break period where a lot of activities cease as compared to term-time. We are arranging for coaches to Winter Wonderland and Oxford at a subsidised rate, as well as arranging minibus trips to a Christmas market and surrounding areas for students for free! I am also organising a Christmas Eve Get-together with the ISA on the 24th of November for all students who are on campus this Christmas period. More information will be released through the ISA network, so do give us a follow at!


As of November 2017, 120 students have sat for their National Insurance Interviews on campus. 75 more will be interviewed on the 6th of December, and we currently have a significant waiting list for the next session in approximately January. If you are interested to sit for a NINo on campus, please join the ISA network at as we will be updating more information through the ISA newsletter regularly.


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