Officer Report

VP International


Our mental health campaign has been launched. On the 22nd of March, President Zoe and I organised the ‘Wake Up to Wellbeing and Destigmatising Mental Health’ Talk in Ivor Crewe A to highlight the support services on campus and encourage students to be proactive about their mental health.

To begin, our student staff Juanita introduced the topic and lead an interactive discussion on what is mental wellbeing and mental health. This was followed by a presentation by our Marketing and Intelligence Manager who presented the findings of our mental wellbeing survey in February, which was filled out by over 500 students at Essex. An SU staff member also shared their mental health journeys in a powerful sharing session, which I believe helped to bridge the student-staff divide and inspire students that may be struggling with mental health. We also had representatives from SU Advice and the Student Wellbeing Team from the University to share more about the available support services on campus.

We are currently organising our plan of action for next academic term. If anyone is interested to join this Mental Health campaign as a volunteer, or if you have any ideas, please email Juanita at


In the past month, we as a Students’ Union have been supporting the UCU strikes in line with what our members have told us. I have encouraged international students to send in their feedback regarding the strikes and how it affects them to ensure that their voice is heard. I have also been speaking to Zoe, who has regular meetings with the Vice-Chancellor and his team, on ensuring that international and EU students have access to the Hardship Fund as a result of the UCU strike and its great impact on the education that students receive.


I am currently organising the International Awards, which will be held at the end of April to highlight the contributions of our EU and international students and staff. We are seeking to celebrate those who are committed to improve others’ Essex experiences and inspire others with their actions! Applications will open from the 1st to the 18th of April – seven awards will be up, including exclusive partial scholarships. Head over to to read more about the awards we offer!


I am currently working to improve short-term international students’ experiences for the next academic year, including on getting on-campus housing and promoting the monthly gym membership available exclusively for short-term students. I will work closely with the University’s Accommodation Team and the Gym to ensure that this is done by the next academic year.

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