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Fresher’s Fortnight

As you may have heard, Fresher’s Fortnight has been and gone. It was a mad couple of weeks and, from your feedback, it’s good to hear that you guys had a great time. For now, it’s back to lectures but fear not as we have many things planned to make sure the rest of your month, term and year is enjoyable too!

It was great to meet so many of you whether it was on the squares, at the heirloom house, in a venue or even whilst I was working on the bar. Many of you came with feedback, others with queries and some with issues I am looking to resolve. Many were easily sorted, so just a quick reminder to use me for your queries about the SU – I don’t bite. So now that’s said, what else did I get up to this month?

A New Loughton President!

You guys have made history in electing our first ever Loughton President: Mali Rees! I wanted to add a big congratulations to my officer report for Mali – really looking forward to working with you as to how we can improve the quality of service and communication on our Loughton campus. Welcome aboard and here’s to a good year!

Welfare in Venues

Many of you guys have come to me with welfare-related issues during Fresher’s Fortnight and its aftermath. I won’t totally disclose the issues as this would be insensitive to the individuals concerned but I can confirm we are taking complaints seriously and taking the necessary actions to deal with problems. I will be chairing a newly established committee who will look at night time safety that will involve our management, door staff, our SU Advice staff and campus security to ensure that all students feel safe and respected in our venues as well as campus in general.

Live Music

Live music deserves a home on campus and I’m happy to report that our venues team is of the same opinion. With that, two events have been organised: Friday Night Live on the 4th of November in BASE and Brewjam on the 19th of November in the SU Bar. My vision for these events is to have student bands fill the programme as opposed to external performers. I believe these events can be used as a platform either for new starting up bands to gain some experience or for established bands to showcase their ability and potentially secure some recognition. I’ve been in conversation with various music societies to see if their members are interested but this opportunity is open to everyone – come forward!

If the 4th and 19th are too soon, don’t worry – Friday Night Live will occur every three weeks. Hope to see you there, either performing or enjoying the music!

Student DJs

Various opportunities have come up for student DJ’s to perform so we should hopefully be moving towards having these guys play the venues. I even had a go at being a DJ too at the Sunset Sessions which went well and I’m hoping to have more daytime type events in Sub Zero following the event’s success. Yet when saying “If you’re interested in becoming a student DJ, come forward,” my officer report is increasingly becoming a recruitment drive for all you musicians out there. However, off the back of these exciting opportunities, you can see why!

Rebel Website and Workshops

Rebel, our student media, have been hosting workshops in the Creative Studios (Floor 1 of the Silberrad) and will continue to do so. Workshops will cover skills revolving around written, filmed and radio-based media. Whether you’re the one behind the camera or the focus of the video; the voice of the radio or the operator who allows for a smooth production, the Rebel workshops will teach you all you need to know! Remember, membership is now free so come along and join!

“Where can I keep up to date with all this stuff?” Well, Rebel has launched its new website available at: - exciting times!


BASE Club manifested out of a desire to have more alternative nights on campus if Sub Zero wasn’t of interest on a particular week. We’ve had music quizzes to Rock and Indie nights to K-Pop events and it’s been great to hear you guys have enjoyed this concept which will only serve to cement the venue’s purpose. That said, I want you guys to take control of the venue and move towards working with societies to have more events hosted by you. I’ve been in contact with a few about some upcoming events but we have a whole year to fill!

With that said, I will be working upon the function of BASE’s day-time offerings for which I will be talking to you guys to see what you want from the venue.


I’ve been approached by fourteen students asking me for microwave facilities as there is not one provided by their departmental common room. This is something I will be working with the University to ensure happens, as well as look into how we can help as an SU.

New Student Idea: “Bring Back the Salad Bar”

The idea has been put forward to provide an offering of salad on the squares, customizable and, above all, healthy! We once offered a Salad Bar, hence the idea calling for it to be bought back. Thus I will be working with the proposer of the idea and our venues and catering teams to discuss the previous offering we had and how we can perfect the formula to ensure this time, the Salad Bar will be here to stay!

Idea available at:

Student Idea Update: “Improvements to First Buses”

I have heard nothing from First Bus, so I have emailed again. Unfortunately, the email I received was sent from a different employee but contained the same content as the previous emails I received – word for word in fact. I don’t want to suggest I have been receiving stock emails, but I do know for a fact that I will be making the company aware of this whilst I step up my efforts. I will keep you guys posted as I know.

Idea available at:

jack street

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