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For the eagle-eyed amongst you keeping up to date with your Sabbatical Officers over the Easter break you will notice that this first update is in regards to a point made last month under the title “Fresher’s Page and Social Media Comms.” I’ve spoken to students, bought my findings back to the Executive Team, spoken to our marketing and strategies department and utilised research conducted by the NUS. The result: I have circulated a Social Media Communications plan amongst the Sabbatical and Part Time Officers. It’s only in its first draft at the moment but should hopefully be able to outline a plan of action for the Fresher’s Page, Social Media and general executive communication with students.

I will also be circulating it with incoming Sabbaticals to gather their views but also prepare them for dealing with social media. It’s a 24 hour job for us Sabbs and we get some quite harsh messages – hopefully this should prepare all involved with how to deal with this.

SU Lounge – Southend

Much of my time this month has been spent looking at our Southend Campus. As many students in Southend may be aware, we were able to secure a temporary event notice for the SU Lounge and it hosted one of its first alcoholic events in a long time. Effectively, the SU Lounge opened as a night-time venues. It has been a long process, and many dead-ends were hit, but we got there. “We got there,” who’s we? The SU Lounge Committee of which me and Ernest Nyarko, VP Southend, sit on with a number of students and full-time staff. Here’s to more in the future!

Merchandise – Southend

I have been in conversation with both students at Southend, commercial staff in Southend and our retail team in Colchester in regards to the sale of University of Essex merchandise (such as hoodies, mugs, jumpers) in Southend. The conversation started as having an all-year round display of products and an over-the-counter style system of purchasing. Gauging more opinion in Southend, and after much to and from and trips to Southend to speak with students, we have found that an online system of click and collect would be more effective. I will therefore be speaking with marketing in regards to building a website for which products can be bought and sold.

Exam Campaign

We have been brainstorming how we can support students through their exams next term and I have taken a lead on it from the Sabbaticals. I have been in conversation with Promise 1 and our marketing and strategies department as to how we can, not only support students, but make them aware of what is available. I have been in conversation with various members of staff in the University to see what is being done (to make sure we don’t mirror anything or replicate services) to see where we can work together to achieve better results.

Summer Ball  

Still in the planning stages for the Summer Ball but things are being confirmed left right and centre. We had a record number of sign-ups and, hopefully, will set the record for making this the biggest, and best, ball ever.

Assistant Manager Role – Venues

I have been involved with the process of hiring for a new assistant manager role in the Venues Department. Not much more to say really but I’ve done two rounds now.

Student Ideas – Union Jack above the Library

Unbeknownst to me I have been tasked with this student idea. Once I am updated by Zoe in regards to the University’s stance I will have an idea who I need to talk to for me to ensure this idea is put into motion. 

jack street

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