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Exam Campaign

Exams are coming. Yes, it’s that time of year we all knew that was inevitably going to creep up on us but it’s finally here. I’ve been working with our Promise One and marketing departments to ensure that our SU Exams Campaign goes ahead as scheduled and is better, but more importantly more useful, than ever before. We’ve been exploring, and are looking to employ, as many stress-busting activities as possible whilst publishing as many helpful resources as we can. Things will start to become apparent as the weeks go on; revision guides, our SU Angels, study spaces and, of course, the infamous Banana Barrow™.

Summer Ball

After weeks of planning, and getting our marketing and communications in order, the wheels on the Summer Ball party bus are rolling – in fact, they’re at full speed. The ball site has had its first visit and, most importantly to you guys, the line-up has been announced. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can check it out here (as well as ticket information if you haven’t bought your ticket yet):

Ents Forum – Cardiff

Speaking of Summer Ball’s and SU-led entertainment events, I attended the Ents Forum in Cardiff along with representatives from our venues department. We attended meetings with keynote speakers from the music industry and picked up tips on subjects such as expanding and perfecting live music on campus and improving the Summer Ball experience for students. The icing on the cake, however, was that we won an award for our Summer Ball for the third year in a row; a hat-trick!

Meeting with the Vice Chancellor and local councillors – PARKING UPDATES INCLUDED!

I met with the Vice Chancellor and local councillors (as the sub-title suggests) and discussed the building work on campus, its status and its future. I raised the problem of parking on campus and was assured that more parking is planned for North Campus in the coming years – it is a high priority. I also led a discussion on volunteering and gave reference to all the work our vTeam does in the local area which earned us a spot in the local newspaper – they even let us give a shout-out about the Summer Ball to warn residents of the date and potential noise. Here’s hoping that they will see the great work we do in the community and will tolerate our night to celebrate the end of the academic year!

Year Book, 2017

I am currently working with our SU marketing department and university staff to help build the 2017 edition of the Year Book. Not much more to be said here except it is being finalised so keep your eyes open for surveys in the upcoming weeks.

Heirloom – Online Platform

I am working with staff from the SU and University who are responsible for the Heirloom Project to help build an online platform for the process. The idea behind your heirloom is that the number you are given corresponds to a number given to someone the year before you and the year after you – you can then be put in contact with them to give advice whilst seeing what your predecessor got up to for inspiration. Essentially, this will be an Essex-centred networking and messaging platform unique to our University and will create an ever-growing community that you will be a part of.

Right now, however, we just need to build the darn thing. We’re getting there though and I am currently talking to students and analysing their responses through focus groups to help steer the direction of the online platform and the general heirloom process.

Staff Awards

I’ve met with the heads of departments from our services and helped plan and finalise the SU Staff Awards next week. As the Staff Awards has grown in size over the last few years, we want to continue that growth and make this bigger and better than ever. We hope we have made the right choices to allow this to happen.

Elected Officer Manifesto Presentations

I had the privilege to listen to your officer elects present their initial group, and individual, manifestos and helped to give them guidance on what they should focus on and how they can better work together as a team on certain aspects. I also helped give presentation tips for when they present the final piece to our director team as well as University staff (including the Vice Chancellor and Registrar themselves).

Coming up this month

Theresa May has called a snap election for June 8th (you may have heard from just about anywhere); unfortunately, the Prime Minister hadn’t given us a heads up before so we will be meeting with the University over May to decide how to plan our communications to ensure students are aware of how to register to vote and ensuring they do so. I will also be working on:

  • the NUS Leave Campaign and its aftermath;
  • starting to plan what we will do as an SU to help facilitate for the final day of the academic term (or better known as what some of your call it “The End”);
  • the Product Request Wall and how we can improve the process;
  • the Exam Campaign as it unfolds;
  • chairing the final SU Lounge Committee meeting of the year in Southend;
  • …and a whole range of equally as exciting meetings you can read about in my next officer report!

If you’re still reading, thank you. Hope you had a great break and good luck in them exams – you can do it!

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