Officer Report

VP Services & communication

It really has been a great month. I finally start understanding how things work around the SU and settling in. The team has been great and especially the other VPs on the team. It’s been an intense month although I took some annual leave for my Birthday (Yeah we do take vacation ;)) and it was great.

Continuing on last month, I focused the majority of my time on my manifesto; try to run all the projects at the same time and in an efficient manner.

Furthermore,  we met earlier in the month, the senior management team of the University in order to present our project to them and meet people with who we will be working this year.

Those are some of the projects I’ve most advanced on.

Better staff satisfaction

One of our focuses this year will be to see how happy our students’ staffs are working for us. We acknowledged that in order to offer the best service, we have to have the best staff to deliver the best service but as well the most satisfied one. Many ways are currently reviewed concerning this idea and many within the SU are involved in making sure we do the right thing.

Southend and Loughton

Southend and Loughton are our two other campuses for those of you who don’t know! I went to Southend on the 23rd of August to Southend in order to meet the great team down there; visit the whole campus (Had been before but never had the chance of having an in-depth visit) and be brought up to speed on projects I’ll be working on with our VP Southend Ernest! I will soon do the same trip in Loughton. I’m really looking forward doing some works on both campuses and making sure that as an organization we do things that benefits all students and that are shaped around them.

Securing investment for Sub Zero

As I said in my manifesto, one my objective is the renovation of Sub Zero. The project is on his way with different meeting being held in order to reach our present objective which is to secure the investment for the renovation. It will be a long process but we are working towards it. Sub Zero had not been renovated for now 11 years and we pride ourselves to offer the best services: which we are not today.

Storage facilities

Another point was to extend the deposit time for luggages and the opening times of the storage facilities to make it easier and more practical for all our students and especially for international Students. We had a meeting with Yasmine our VP International with the University and will have another one in September so watch this spaceJ.

DJ Competition

DJ Competition is coming back! We have been working on this and we will be announcing it very soon! So if you have mad skills, believe you are the best DJ or simply want to have a laugh watch this space.

Non-alcoholic event

Spoiler alert: Not everyone drinks. This is why we are currently preparing some non-alcoholic events for Freshers and the year in order to make sure that everyone can do something they like. It will be nights out, yoga session and many others.

And once again, thanks for reading


Tancrede Chartier

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