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Hi everyone, Tanki here and this is my officer report for August!

And there it comes! Fresher’s is on us! It still baffles me how quick time flies and that I’m about to finish my 3rd month as a Sabbatical Officer. This month has been key in order to move my manifesto forward and lay the foundation of this year, prepare for Freshers and make sure I make the most of this year by being productive and working for our students.

Hot Drinks in our Meal deals
  • From the 1st October, our meal deals will have Hot drinks as a drinking options! I am really happy about this as it gives more choice to students. The possibility to have a coffee (Always great at any time/any day) or just an opportunity for a warmer drink during winter will be available.
Non-Alcoholic Event Launch- Mint
  • 3,2,1 Launch. Mint our new Non-Alcoholic night will start on the 11th October! I am really excited about that as it will give the possibility to people who want to have a different nigh a possibility of meeting people with the same interest and have fun. We will be providing Mocktails, Games and other entertainment! Come down to Base at 8pm for what will be a great night.
  • Furthermore we have a new Non-Alcoholic Page on the “what’s on” page where all of our NA events can be easily found.
DJ Competition
  • The sign up is closed, the venue is booked and the competition is going FORWARD. I am really pleased to announce that the competition will be happening on the 21st October with the talented DJ’s that have signed up. More info will follow but thought it be nice to give you a heads up.
Microwave on Campus
  • Just a heads up that I am currently working alongside the University in order to offer more access to Microwaves to Students. The microwaves we have on campus ATM are not easily accessible and not always open. The objective would be to have a 24/7 one and I’ll update you next month.
Fresher’s Week
  • Fresher’s week is upon us. For those of you Fresher’s, who’s it’s the first year I thought it’d be nice to give you my 4 top tips. 1. Have fun. It is a great week to meet people, go out and have fun. So enjoy it and make the most of it. 2. Just do it. Fresher’s week offers so many opportunities to get involved in Societies, Clubs, Rebels, find a Job, get active and getting involved in something you are passionate about. This will only happen if you actually go out there and do it. So don’t stay at home. 3. Be safe. Pretty straightforward but always be safe please. 4. It will be the best years of your life. That one is pretty straightforward too (Love this word) but my first 24 hours in Essex I thought I’d hate it but it has been the best 3 years of my life. So enjoy the ride and I’ll see you around.
  • We will have loads of events on (In Base, Sub Zero, on squares and around campus) so please have fun and if you have any query about Fresher’s drop me a message on Facebook or at


Much Love your VP Services and Comms

And once again, thanks for reading


Tancrede Chartier

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