Officer Report

VP Services & communication

Hi everyone, Tanki here and this is my officer report for October!

I feel I say that every month but god the time flies. Everyone told me but there I am at the end of my 4th month! It has been a fantastic month, where we had the chance to meet all the new Freshers and returning students! It’s good to have you back.

Freshers Week

And there is it, gone with the wind. The freshers weeks is done! It was really 2 fantastic weeks (Tiring not gonna lie), with lots of welcome talk where we had the chance to introduce the SU and ourselves to Freshers. Furthermore, we set up again the Heirloom project to welcome Students! The idea was to give an introduction of the SU, what we do and our officers. Perks: Your own Heirloom. Another great event was when Eddie Kadie came down for a comedy night during Black History Month. What a performance and if you read this Eddie it was a pleasure meeting you. Finally I ran our first Non-Alcoholic event of the year! If I may so it was a success and I was delighted to see so many students come and enjoy the night!

Little bonuses:

  • Our selfies competition at the Freshers Fayre
  • Working in Sub Zero for couple of nights
  • Attending different events put on by officers

Finally, the last really important bit is to thanks our amazing Students Staff. They worked extremely hard to offer the best services to our students and it would not be such great weeks without them. You’re energy, passion and how much efforts you’ve put in is much recognised.


Good luck. I believe it’s the best bit of advice I can give to all the candidates running. It’s a long week and I commend the energy that you put into it! I’m really thrilled to have a new VP Education and to welcome all those new exec members.

DJ Competition

We ran our first DJ Competition and it was brilliant! Thank you to everyone who came down and our fantastic DJ’s! Watch this space

We will have loads of events on (In Base, Sub Zero, on squares and around campus) so please have fun and if you have any query about Fresher’s drop me a message on Facebook or at

Much Love your VP Services and Comms

And once again, thanks for reading


Tancrede Chartier

If you have got any questions or comments about my report please post them below or contact me at




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