Officer Report

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Hi everyone, Tanki here and this is my officer report for October!

I feel I say that every month but god the time flies. There we are already 5 month. It was a really good month. I’m finding every day that I’m understanding more and more what my role is and how I can represent students on every decision made by the SU.

Sub Zero

What an exciting month! I held earlier this month a focus group with both staff and student staff to have their take about Sub Zero. We currently reviewing this space as it has not been refurbished for now 11 years and I believe it’s time to refurbish it. We had discussions around the use of the space during the day, the space at night and how we can improve the layout of the space for staff.

Furthermore, we started coming up with really interesting ideas for the space and other spaces around the Union. So once again I can only say watch this space ;)

Live act

We started working this this month with lots of different music societies on a big live act to happen this year in BASE. Can’t tell too much at the moment except that I’ll keep you posted and that I’m really looking forward working with those guys.

Acting President

Our President left for a week this month to go and meet other SU for us to see the amazing works other SU do and how we can improve the work we do. She chose me as acting president for this week and did not produce much personal work as I had to deputise for her. I just want to say my hat off to her doing such an amazing work with such a hard work!

Hand my books

I have been working this month on setting up a new platform on which student will be able to sell books. The idea is to make sure that students that wish to sell their books can be put in contact with contact with students that want to buy them. Watch this space…

We will have loads of events on (In Base, Sub Zero, on squares and around campus) so please have fun and if you have any query drop me a message on Facebook or at

Much Love your VP Services and Comms

And once again, thanks for reading


Tancrede Chartier

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