Officer Report

VP Services & communication

Hi everyone, Tanki here and this is my officer report for October!

I feel I say that every month but god the time flies. There we are already 5 month. It was a really good month. I’m finding every day that I’m understanding more and more what my role is and how I can represent students on every decision made by the SU.

More explanation

I’ve been working recently with the relevant departments within our Services how to explain better to our members where and how the money is used and reinvested within the organization. I believe that it’s very important. As an officer I can answer those questions and I’m confident that we are using the money generated from our Services in an adequate manner but it’s time for our member to be aware of this.

Sabbatical Roles

I’m currently heavily involved in the work we are doing in restricting the roles of our officers, how they could interact better within the Union and how can we increase student voice and representation. The first set of changes will come during the election period and will gradually roll out! Watch this space!

We will have loads of events on (In Base, Sub Zero, on squares and around campus) so please have fun and if you have any query drop me a message on Facebook or at

Much Love your VP Services and Comms

And once again, thanks for reading


Tancrede Chartier

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