Officer Report

VP services and communications

Green Impact

We have completed and submitted our handbooks. Once the audit is done we are expecting to get bronze overall, working towards bronze in catering and working towards silver in portering and cleaning.


24hr Coffee Machine

The coffee machine will be in the Silberrad Centre on the 5th May.


Summer Ball

We are currently promoting tickets for the Summer Ball. It is shaping up to be a massive success and should provide a great time to celebrate another year at Essex.


The Store Move

The plans have been drawn to keep the current Store and open up a new on in the old Barclays space. This will allow us to stock more items and serve customers quicker during busy periods.


Afro Barber

We now have an afro barber in The Salon who is already doing some great business. He is here Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and you can book a cut via the Booksey mobile app.



Rebel has launched and released their first video, a satirically look at Derby Day, also the next addition of the newspaper Albert is due to come out in May. The paper is changing to a magazine with over 100 pages of high quality content.


Exams Campaign

We are starting the exams campaign this term and have lots of things planned like; the coffee machine, 10% off coffee at the kitchen, Starbucks open until midnight, messages of encouragement from students, exam angels, free fruit, pens, and water and much, much more.


Society/Clubs Clothing

We are looking over the first draft of the pre tender and will be talking to the sports and society execs at their AGMs about the idea.



We are aware the students will often buy guest tickets to events which typically sell out and then resell those tickets to students at a massively inflated price. I am currently looking at how we can stop this with a resale option for sold out events, scrapping of guest accounts after freshers’ week or a limit on guest tickets.


Salon Refurbishment

The Salon has gone from strength to strength over the last few years but the space is in need of some attention. Although we have a tight budget to work with we are going to be redesigning the space to make it more in keeping with the SU and a nicer space to have a cut.


Towers Lighting

I have been working to ensure students get the best rebate from this situation. So far we have ensured students get 2 weeks’ worth of rent back and 14 food vouchers. I have also been ensuring the university keep to the works they have promised. Once the replacement lights have installed we will discuss with the student body how they feel about the situation and discuss with the university any further rebate we feel is necessary.



JOSH o'Connor

Image of the Sabb Josh

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