VP Services and Comms - March 2016

VP services and communications

Green Impact

Two more challenges to go until we have completed bronze. I’ve shared on our social media the link for students to volunteer as auditors.

Drinking Fountains

I met with the Director of Estates and chose some good locations for drinking fountains around the campus. He has now taken that to his team to make a plan.

24hr Coffee Machine

UECS is going to put a coffee machine in the Silberrad Centre hopefully in time for the third term.

Summer Ball

We have had a record number or priority sign ups meaning the Ball should sell out sooner than last year.


On top of the past developments we are trialling whether students with long bans would improve their attitude and understanding towards the venues if they shadowed a member of the door team for a couple of nights. If they complete these voluntary shifts we could reduce their bans.

The Store Move

We have a space which we can move the Store into and are starting to plan this move now.

SU Staff Portal

We have got designs for the new SU Staff Portal. It will hopefully be complete for the summer and should not cost too much as it is being built in house. We hope to increase staff awareness of the organisation and celebrate our successes as a whole organisation. Also we hope to host student staff and permanent staff benefits on the portal.

Complaints Process

The complaints procedure is now complete and implemented.

Urban Nights

We shall be holding our first urban night in the second week of the third term.

Afro Barber

Currently we do not provide a barber service to students with afro hair. This is due to our current hairdressers not having the expertise in cutting this type of hair. Therefore we are going to be renting a chair to a local afro barber to work three days a week to cut male afro hair. I have spoken to the president of The Hair Society and it was evident that their service for cutting female afro hair was already working really well and there was not a need to replicate it.

Venue Committees

We are writing up the outline for the venues committees to make sure we can make it the best and most productive exercise.

Safety Bus Stop

Awaiting the SU ideas fund group to meet to approve funding.

Rebel (Student Media)

We have put the job applications out for the next Rebel heads. We are going to do a soft launch in the third term.

Sky in Level Up

Budgeted for next year so will be going in then.

SU Drive

I’ve collected together all the contact information for the local driving instructors/schools and will be uploading them onto the website.

Officer Progress Bars

I have spoken to the digital marketing coordinator and the website has the functionality to make progress bars. I have sent across all my current projects and their current completion status.

Induction Loop in reception

I am looking at how to put in an induction loop for reception to help those with hearing disabilities. This is something we have overlooked and should be in place so we can better keep our promise to benefit all students.

Exams Campaign

We have got the planning group together and are working out what we will be doing to help the students through the third term.

Society/Clubs Clothing

It came to my attention near the end of the second term that we as an SU don’t help societies and clubs when it comes to clothing. For the last few years they have been left to sort this out for themselves. This has meant we aren’t using the fact that we are a vast collective to get companies to bid for our custom. I plan to do this so we can ensure our members are getting the best possible service at the best possible price.

JOSH o'Connor

Image of the Sabb Josh

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