Officer Report

VP Southend

Black History Month

Working with the Black History Month committee to come up with possible events during the celebration. So far this is what the team has decided on until the next meeting, Open Mic Night – 2nd/3rd week, LGBT/BAME event – 2nd/3rd week, The Mix (Urban Night) – last Tuesday of the month, BHM themed quiz night – last Thursday of the month, Rapioke - SUBar – last Friday of the month, heritage after party, Black History Month festival on the final day. These events are based on Colchester campus but I intend to follow up on what the committee have in mind for Southend Campus and share my ideas with them in the next meeting. My attendance for the meetings hasn’t been satisfactory due to training and other meetings however, I intend to work with the team to come up with possible events in Southend. 

Resident Life Coordinator

Had the opportunity to be part of an interview panel for resident life coordinator role in the University square accommodation. I helped the panel to choose good candidates for the position. The desired candidate for the role will be revealed before the 11th August since that is the last day when the current Resident life coordinator (Jenna Lockhart) leaves the job. 

Life Lock

Helped the team promote the life lock project during the graduation of which many grandaunts were given padlocks to hang on the fence to signify that they are forever part of the SU. I almost spent every day of the graduation week to help promote this project which was very much received by students at the end. 

NUS students' union's 2016 Conference 

Had the opportunity to attend the NUS conference with my team. I attended different seminars and had some ideas to improve our union which was later shared with team. Had the opportunity to meet other Sabbs from different Universities of which ideas were shared among us. In all, I learnt a lot about how to be an inclusive leader, how to engage “hard to reach students” and how to create an inclusive club and society environment.  

Planning for The Year

Worked with team to set out plans for the year. We came out with a group manifesto and also setting targets for ourselves. The team agreed that officers have to meet with 20 new students every week and should make sure emails are taken. Also ideas were formulated on how to use the tools available to us to engage with students. The team agreed that I have to come up with freshers page for 2016-2017 for Southend campus and schedule dates for us to visit all the campuses. Also, planning to set up ISA in Southend which I have to work with VP international (Saffy) and VP Student Activities (Sam). I have also followed up on projects (laundry rebate for nurses, rent prices, SU ambassadors) initiated by formal VP Southend (Shola) and feedbacks will be presented in the month ahead. Also had my first conversation with the enterprise officer (Christine Michaelis) on how to work out plans to promote entrepreneurship in Southend and the updates of this will be presented in the next month. 

Training and Team Building

Majority of my time has been spent on getting the needed skills for my role. Example is how to use my networks and tools to engage students, presentation skills and IT training as well. Have gained Understanding of the SU structure in Colchester and also had the opportunity to meet the SU staff and how each of them can help me to achieve my objectives. I also learnt a lot about team building in relation with staff and the Sabbs during our time with the directors at Mersea. Also met with my mentor (John V) and I intend to work with him to set up plans for the year ahead.


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