Officer Report

VP Southend

Black History Month Update

There is a bit of problem getting societies to help execute this project in Southend; however, some students have suggested some good ideas to me and therefore I’m going to have a meeting the black history month committee in order to come up with plans to execute these ideas. On the other hand, we also going to try and replicate some of the events happening in Colchester campus in Southend on a small scale.

SU Ambassador Project Update

I am continuing with this project and aiming to recruit more students during freshers week. We currently have seven students and preparations are being made to secure a stall for SU ambassadors during freshers week. My aim is to get many students on board in order to promote student ideas and events across all departments in Southend.

Creating ISA in Southend Campus

I am currently working with Saffy (VP International) to set up ISA (International students association) in Southend campus. This is still an ongoing project; and with the help of Gary (promise 3 manager); the constitution will be ready soon and the actual project will be executed from the earliest starting point of freshers week.

Rent Update

This was based on a student idea which was to “reduce the rent prices in the University square”. The idea was handled by the previous VP and drew my attention to follow up.

Update: I and the president (Zoe) met with Linda McCanna (assistant director UECS operations) to have a catch up this issue. She made us understood that, the current price of the accommodation is not going to be changed since the previous SU President agreed on the set prices. However, we are still in talks with the university to consider reducing the prices in the next academic year. Zoe and I have meeting with the student service manager; and the purpose of this meeting is to come up with as many case studies as we can to persuade the university to reduce rent.

Freshers Week

Sharing ideas and plans with the SU staff to arrange activities for students during freshers’ week for all the departments on campus. We have managed to come up with varied events for all the departments including postgrad and international students as well. Events will be updated on our freshers page as soon as possible. 

SU Ambassadors events

I have had several online meetings with the SU ambassadors and they have been coming up with a series of ideas for events that would be student-driven and led in the year coming. They have proposed some events which involves bringing all the departments together to improve student engagement across departments. We are currently on the planning stage of some of these events and we intend to promote during the freshers week.


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