VP Southend

Black History Month Update:  

We have currently decided to celebrate this as a week celebration rather than spreading the events across the whole month. The Idea is to get more students engaged during the week since students have tight schedule on this campus. Some of the events we intend to have are Black Lives matter event (debate and quiz), Black Entrepreneurship (connect and mentor), Karaoke/open Mic night/spoken word and night out event which will be held in one of the clubs here.

Rent Update:

With help from Zoe, the case study has been finalised which will be presented to the university in the next meeting held on the 29th of September. The decision will be updated to students as soon as possible.

SU Ambassadors events:

The SU ambassadors have come with an event which is called “clash of departments” and the aim of this event is to bring all the departments together in order to help with student engagement on campus. We still on the planning stage of this event and we plan to execute it on the 2nd to last week of the term.

Review of the SU Lounge:

We came up with the idea of re-arranging the SU lounge which saw a significant improvement in terms of space and aesthetic appeal. I also made sure we purchase international flag ribbons to replace the ribbons in the lounge which will be hanged in the course of this week. The idea is to make students comfortable as soon as they arrive on campus.

Freshers Week:

We have welcome two different groups of students from two departments in this month. I have been in the university square in the two Sundays of their arrivals of which I had several interactions and making them feel comfortable with a bit of an advice from the SU. I was also in charge of the welcome talk and mixer in the SU lounge to help students mingle and get to know the SU and what we offer. I’m still in my second week of freshers since we’ve got three freshers wee; and the next week will be the last week.

Visit by pre-sessional students:

I met with the pre-sessional students from Colchester on the 5th of October. Had the chance to present what the offer to them and some of them wanted to volunteer as soon as possible. I also took them on a town tour and bowling. They were very happy with the place and some of them admitted that they prefer this campus more than Colchester.

Heirloom Project:

The heirloom project ran here in Southend for 4 days. I was on ground to deliver about 100 heirlooms to students and many of them really liked the idea behind the project. I also plan to get some to 2nd and 3rd years in the course of term.


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