VP Southend

Black History Month Update

The first black history month celebration had been kicked off which received much acceptance from the students especially BAME students on campus. We started on the 24th of October and we will end with open mic night on the 28th of October. Students made several suggestions in relation to Black history month celebration down here which will be followed up in the weeks ahead.


We had our first meeting in Southend and leaders were chosen for the ISA committee. With the help of VP international, students got to know about the reasons why ISA was established and the benefits of having ISA memberships. The next agenda is to have a Diwali celebration on campus of which plans are underway.

SU Ambassadors events

Had series of meetings with the ambassadors and they finally came up with an event called ‘clash of departments’ and this event is meant to get all departments together to compete on series of games; and the date scheduled for the event is yet to be decided. They have also scheduled dates to recruit participants to participate in the games.

Freshers Week

We had our final arrivals week in the beginning of the month. Had the opportunity to get some students mostly from EBS to go for the welcome party. Also had welcome talk and mixer with students including international and post graduates. VP education and I spent a whole day with students on EBS induction day. We had several interactions with students as well as helping out with what was planned for the day. We had series of engagement with students in all the activities which made them feel welcome to ask as many questions as they can.

Global Entrepreneurial Week

One of our manifesto points is to develop entrepreneurship and start-up activities on campus. We have made plans to start this by celebrating Global entrepreneurial week which starts on the 14th to 18th of November.  I, the president and VP international have made plans for series of activities and events going to be held during this week.


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